Compound Bow, Beginners 25lbs Draw

Here is an experience you will enjoy.

The Barnett Banshee Quad 25lb Junior Bow is suitable for novice shooters. This bow is mainly designed for kids aged 11 to 14 years but adults can use it too.

Grip is rubberized and therefore more comfortable to hold. The main advantage of Banshee is its variability - it is suitable for both right-handed and left-handed shooters. If u are using compound bows, it is necessary to overcome the force of pulleys first. Then, the draw is much easier then conventional bow.

The set comes with a quiver containing over a dozen arrows and a target that you can hang off the ground or place it on something.

Shooting a bow is a great skill for kids, try it out first before you go and spend hundreds on a new set.

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