Information about Rannsak


It all started with a bucket-list family road trip...

After a lot of research, surveying, doubting, deliberating and screaming.. Rannsak became reality. Rannsak is the only online peer-to-peer rental platform of its kind. Here you can find things you would find in your neighbors garage, attic, basement or living space, if you would have the chance to “Rannsak” their house (see what we did there?). We bring people together who want to try something new, with people who have the item you need for this one project OR this one bucket list →  “Yours, when you need it”

Rannsak was born, in an RV, somewhere between Boston and Niagara Falls. In the midst of working and raising three daughters, Jessica and Patrick would dream of venturing into uncharted territory. Kayaking, paddleboarding or snowboarding (.. Geez, even deep frying a turkey once) were only a few of the activities they talked about. But they always wondered  “will we actually use this more often or will it just be stored in our garage?” This one factor stopped them from checking off items from their bucket list - “should I invest in this?” They could not get themselves to spend money on things they may not enjoy or use after the initial trial run - they really wanted to just try things out!

On their way to Niagara Falls, in their rented RV the idea was born - a platform for neighbors to rent out things they have. Create a win/win for everyone. People could try out new things, while others could put their assets to good use (and make a little money on the side..).

The time has come for the American Family to try new activities they could only dream about.  Activities too expensive to purchase, but not too expensive to rent!

We hope you allow yourselves the opportunity to try something new! Your neighbors have it and it’s “Yours, when you need it”

The Rannsak Family