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Why Rannsak?

Local Owners

Rent from vetted equipment owners that live in close proximity and get the most out of your experience

Insurance Coverage

Enjoy peace of mind with Rannsak's Insurance Coverage Policy where equipment is covered for theft, damage, and loss


Make an educated decision by reading reviews written by equipment owners and renters

How It Works

Owners List Their Stuff

With Rannsak, it's quick and easy to make money by renting your idle stuff. You decide when your equipment is available to rent, how much to charge, and whether or not to accept a rental request. Rannsak does the rest. You have money lying around, it's time to claim it.

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Renters Rent Equipment

With Rannsak, get the equipment you need faster, easier, and less expensive than traditional rental methods. Our search engine can help you find and book your equipment with just a few clicks. Save money and rent rather than buying something you may only use once.

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What is Rannsak

Rannsak provides a platform for a peer-to-peer rental marketplace. We make renting faster, easier, and less expensive than traditional renting methods. We also have equipment for rent that you won't find anywhere.

With Rannsak, you have access to:

*Lightning-fast equipment searches

*Real-time availability

*Book equipment with a couple of clicks

*Save on having to buy new

*Save 40% or more from traditional rental companies

If you own sporting equipment, tools, or party equipment most likely you don't use it everyday. With Rannsak you have the opportunity to generate side income. You can earn more than $500 a month with just a few items listed.